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One Stiff Stem

The Realspeed RS-10 stem provides incredible stiffness thanks to its 3D Forged Alloy construction. The unique Trapezoid shape boasts up most strength while remaining lightweight. The result is amazing stiffness to weight ratio, amplifying your sprints, out of saddle accelerations on the climbs, and overall response on the road.



Integrated Stem Cap

The RS-10 features a proprietary stem cap. Not only it is more aerodynamic, it just
looks slick.

3D Forged Alloy

The RS-10 gains its stiffness from its 3D Forged alloy construction. The benefit is a stiffer and a lighter component.

Integrated Base

The RS-10 places a high emphasis on aerodynamics and aesthetics. Leaving no detail to waste, an optional integrated base helps further develop the slick performance and looks of this stem.

Product Specs


Material: 3D Forged Alloy
Angle: -10
Bar Bore: 31.6
Weight: 154gr