Most wheels in the market are 21mm in width or less. All Real Speed carbon clinchers use 25mm width rim. This helps create a more aerodynamic profile, offers more control against crosswinds, and turbulent forces. The 25mm rim is also wider at the brake track, which results in the tire being spread further apart, allowing for a larger contact patch with the ground.  This allows for better cornering stability especially at high speed, and in poor weather conditions.

21mm vs 25mm Real Speed width

When it comes to cooking up a set of fast wheels, there is a combination of ingredients that are vital to providing the right flavor. A great wheel should start with a precisely round rim. This may sound funny, but it is amazing how that can be overlooked or not well thought out. This rim should also possess the right combination of reduced weight, optimal aerodynamics while still providing a comfortable and stable ride. These attributes come from constructing the rim out of the right blend of carbon fiber. This allows optimizing these characteristics during the manufacturing process. Real Speed rims are built with Torayca carbon fiber from Japan. For the rims we use a blend of FAW 75/100/150 carbon. The braking surface is reinforced with high TG material. Utilizing a higher TG carbon helps with structural integrity under high and frequent braking loads, as this area of the rim is relied upon to adhere the tire and slow down the wheel.