Realspeed wheels are designed with predictability in mind.

 Through extensive testing with the use of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) we can predict the results of our rims during the developmental process to design and produce an aerodynamically sound profile that focuses on smooth inner radius curvatures, rather than a conventional teardrop profile. The result is wheels that provide predictable aerodynamic response and confidence in any condition. 

Speed is nothing without control

Even the world’s fastest wheels are only as fast as the rider’s ability to contain them. Drag is important, but also the steering torque of a wheel plays a critical role. Performance in the windtunnel is one thing, but in the unpredictable world of riding out on the open road, having some sense of control when things are moving unpredictably fast is of high value. So many variables come into play. Crosswinds, The winding road constantly changing the angles in which you are presented to the wind, etc.. All this will affect your ability on the road. Achieving the optimal balance between speed and control is what sets Realspeed wheels apart.

Predictability is key

Our rim designs provide smooth changes with crosswinds, meaning there are no sudden surprises. The result is linear torque response through all crosswind conditions. 

Note the “surprise” dropoff of the traditional 90mm teardrop profile in figure 1.

Figure 1: 

Steering torque for the various wheels -- a straight line means a predictable ride!

Figure 2: 

20g of drag at 30mph results in a change of 0.5km/h for the average rider.

How does it work?

When you're in a crosswind, a wheel profile acts like a sail on a sailboat, providing a reduction in drag. The deeper the wheel section, the lower the drag, but the higher the side force. The impact on airflow can be seen for the RS 3/5 and RS 5/6 wheels. Even at high yaw angles, the flow stays attached, which means predictable steering torque.

Figure 3: 

Teardrop 90mm on the left, Realspeed on the right.  See how disturbed the teardrop flow is!

The reaction torque shows that all wheels react predictably.  The linear increase with no sudden steps is confidence inspiring, and won’t make you back off, even on a quick descent.