Titanium Quick Release Skewer Kit With Detachable LED Lights

Titanium Quick Release Skewer Kit With Detachable LED Lights

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 Push open the quick release lever. This will loosen the skewer. Locate the cap at the opposite end of the skewer, and unscrew it until the wheel falls out of the dropouts. Continue unscrewing the cap until it is completely detached from the skewer threads.

Pull the skewer straight out by pulling on the quick release lever.

Insert the skewer into the wheel with the quick release lever facing in the proper direction, which is usually the left side of the bicycle. Put the spring on with the smaller end aiming toward the wheel. Gently compress the spring with the cap, and slowly turn the cap just enough to get it attached without falling off. Put the wheel into the dropouts, and finish tightening the cap.

Move quick release lever to CLOSE position. If Quick Release Lever can easily be pushed to CLOSE position move quick release lever to OPEN position and tighten tension adjusting nut an additional 1⁄8 - 1⁄4 revolutions then return Quick Release Lever to close position.

Make sure Quick Release Levers are in CLOSE position and pointed to rear the bike before riding your bike. Close brake cable quick release after re-installing the wheel.


  • After proper installation of skewers, you can installfront and rear LED lights.

  • Place thumb on the lens of light, your index and middle finger near the base of light, which will be clipped onto the skewer. Pulling your fingers towards your thumb, engaging a spring action. The head on the base of the light will start to extend. This part of the light is what will clip light into the slot beside the lever of the quick release, located on left hand side.

  • Release thumb, and clip should snap into the slot.43. Turn on light by depressing the lens of light. Each press will change the setings through various flashing options.

  • To shut light off, depress the lens of the light, until it turns off.

  • To remove light from the skewer, place thumb on the lens of the light, and your index and middle finger on the base above the clip. Press thumb down, and pull fingers towards thumb. Pull outwards and away from the bike.



  •  Light be be removed from skewer to be charged.

  • Turn lens in a clockwise motion to expose USB port.

  • Insert MICRO USB connector into port

  • Plug standard end into computer or USB wall charging adapter.